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High Speed Band Saw


  • HY-350L/420L

●Reduce cut loss at high speed

●Clean cut surface with no sticking of scraps

●Equipped with safety circuit mechanism as standard

●Fine-tunable thickness gauge

HY-350L Specifications

Machine Dimensions W803 x D1040 x H1665mm
Machine Weight 200kg
Motor Capacity 1.5kW
Possible Processing Dimensions Maximum H320 x W292mm
Processing Power 32M/sec (60Hz)
Applicable Temperature -20℃

HY-420L Specifications

Machine Dimensions W943 x D1073 x H1842mm
Machine Weight 260kg
Motor Capacity 3.0kW
Possible Processing Dimensions Maximum H425 x W385mm
Processing Power 37M/sec (60Hz)
Applicable Temperature -20℃

*The specifications are subject to change without notice for product improvement.

Tabletop Band Saw


  • NSO-N7A

Compact, lightweight and safe design. Specially processed Swedish steel is used for good sharpness and beautiful cut surfaces.

NSO-N7A Specifications

Machine Dimensions W450 x D530 x H840mm
Machine Weight 30kg
Motor Capacity 0.25kW
Band Saw


  • NSO-N2C

High speed rotation and the use of specially processed Swedish steel provides good sharpness and a beautiful cutting surface for excellent yields.

NSO-N2C Specifications

Machine Dimensions W970 x D1000 x H1750mm
Machine Weight 130kg
Motor Capacity 1.5kW
Poultry Cutter


  • Broiler and chicken back-slicing machine

The use of a round blade eliminates bone shattering and allows for instantaneous, beautiful cutting of the cut surface.
Made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy (anodized finish) and can be washed in water after work, making it sanitary.

PT-3 Specifications

Machine Weight 60kg
Motor Capacity 0.75kW

Various Small Items

  • Bread Rack 10 pan, 20 pan

  • Plastic Cutting Board
    Super heat resistant cutting board

  • Plastic Cutting Board
    Colored soft cutting board

  • Knife Sterilizer K-15S

  • Knife Sterilizer K-104

  • Nantsune Original Food Machine Lubricating Oil

  • Vacuum Bag

  • Nantsune Vacuum Pump Oil for Food Machinery

We carry many other small items.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Plate and knife

  • Plate and knife

Plate holes size table

Hole size 3/32 1/8 3/16 1/4 5/16 3/8 1/2
2.4mm 3.2mm 4.8mm 6.4mm 8.0mm 9.5mm 12.7mm
Minced meat *For coarse grind *For coarse grind *For second
time coarse grind
*For second
time coarse grind
Minced fish
Croquette and potato
Miso beans

Knife size table

#12 caliber Φ70 mm
#22 caliber Φ83 mm
#32 caliber Φ100 mm


Chopper 150mm Butcher 300mm Mogami thick blade 150mm Chinese M-1 true forging
(About 650g)
225mm X 100mm
Chopper 180mm Butcher 330mm Mogami thick blade 165mm
Head removal (small) 150 Butcher 360mm Mogami thick blade 180mm
Boning 150mm Wide Butcher 240mm Mogami thin blade 165mm
Skinning 180mm Wide Butcher 270mm Mogami thin blade 180mm Frozen chopper for both hands 330
Tripe 150mm Wide Butcher 300mm Mogami thin blade 195mm 18 inch backsaw
Tripe Boning 150mm Butcher 270mm (thick type) Mogami willow blade 240mm Diamond Sharpener Rod/
Utility Boner 180mm Butcher 300mm (thick type) Mogami willow blade 270mm Super fine finishing grindstone
Boner 180mm Wide Butcher 270mm (thick type) Mogami willow blade 300mm Medium grindstone
Slicer 240mm Wide Butcher 300mm (thick type) Chinese H-3 true forging
(About 500g)
225mm X 110mm
Extreme rough grindstone
Slicer 270mm
Butcher 240mm
Butcher 270mm