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Automatic Dishing Robot



●Precise dish up.

●No slicer modifications required.

●Compact installation space.

●Easy to install with immediate results.

●Simple design, easy to clean.

CM-230 Specifications

Machine Dimensions W1830 x D1150 x H1700mm
Machine Weight About 380kg
Motor Capacity X-axis actuator: 0.2kW
Y-axis actuator: 0.2kW
Z-axis actuator: 0.1kW
For conveyor: 0.09kW
Power Consumption 0.096kW (50Hz/60Hz no load)
Possible Dish Up Dimensions Length: Maximum 230mm Width: 100mm~160mm
Slice thickness: 1mm~15mm (varies depending on number of pieces)
Usable Tray Sizes Length: 120mm~280mm Width: 196mm~220mm Depth: 20mm~35mm
Processing Power 800 pack/hr (400 pack/hr x 2 lines) *130g 7 pcs
400 pack/hr (200 pack/hr x 2 lines) *230g 15 pcs
270 pack/hr (135 pack/hr x 2 lines) *350g 22 pcs
210 pack/hr (105 pack/hr x 2 lines) *450g 28 pcs
*Varies depending on the thickness, texture and number of pieces of the meat
Maximum Dish Up Weight 600g (possible dish up weight at a time)
Dish Up Target Object Sliced meat on the conveyor
Dish Up Applicable Temperature -1℃~+5℃
*Varies slightly depending on the thickness, texture and shape of the meat
Air Supply 0.5MPa 36.3L/min tube outer diameter 10mm
Poultry plastic bag automated unseal and dehydration machine




●Automatic loading.

●Significantly reduce the risk of contamination.

● Automatic ejection of plastic bag.

●Automatic dehydration.

●For automation and efficiency.

●Easy operation.

AIR-2K Specifications

Machine Dimensions Unseal unit+Dehydration unit: W2646 x D2750 x H1550mm
Unseal unit: W1800 x D1910 x H1550mm
Dehydration unit: W1420 x D1851 x H1452mm
Machine Weight Unseal unit+Dehydration unit: About 685kg
Unseal unit: About 455kg
Dehydration unit: About 230kg
Motor Capacity For loading conveyor: 0.09kW
For receiving conveyor: 0.09kW
For lifting conveyor: 0.09kW
For dehydration conveyor: 0.09kWx2
Power Consumption Unseal unit: 0.18kW (50Hz/60Hz no load)
Dehydration unit: 0.095kW (50Hz/60Hz no load)
Processing Power Maximum 1800kg/hr (Maximum 900 bags/hr)
Possible Unsealing Dimensions Maximum W280 x D230 x H50mm
Possible Unsealing Weight 2kg
Unsealing Applicable Temperature 0℃~4℃ (core temperature)
*Varies depending on the condition of the bag and contents
Air Supply Unseal unit+Dehydration unit: 0.6MPa 800L/min tube outer diameter 12mm
Dehydration unit only: 0.2MPa 1.0L/min tube outer diameter 6mm